Street Style Raps Ft. Everyman

This pack fuses golden era Hip Hop with 90's West Coast Funk and contains Drum Loops, Music Loops, Full Verse Acapella, Vocal loops, Ad-Libs and more!

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Hip Hop Vocals

It's not every day you have two massive talents join forces to bring out a cutting edge sample pack, but that’s exactly what happened here with Street Style Raps! Basement Freaks and EVeryman, two heavyweights in the sample pack game and music biz, hit the studio to bring this absolutely mind-blowing Rap and MC pack together! This is the definitive pack of golden era Hip Hop and 90s West Coast Funk combined!

Inside is all you need for your MC and Rap acapella arsenal, from two of the top names in the game. Vocal Loops and full Verse acapellas with lyrical content that can hype up any dance floor or song, alongside adlibs, phrases, fx, scratches and classic shouts to take that drop you are working on into new heights! But they didn’t stop there! Alongside all these stunning vocal samples, loops and one-shots, are music loops (such as Bass, Guitar, Synth, WahWahs, Sax, etc), and some blazing beats, to give you the full recipe for speaker annihilation!

Inspired by hip hop and groovy rap from the yesteryears as much as modern times, and artists such as Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Con Funk Shun, Funk Flex, The Block Party, The Cypher, The Funk Jam,  this pack will surely please all productions of various styles.
So what are you waiting for? Grab Street Styles Raps by EVeryman and Basement Freaks!

Download contains:

6 x Drum Loops
17 x Music Loops
4 x Full Verse Acapella
103 x Vocal Loops
32 x Ad-libs
15 x Classic Shouts
24 x FX
62 x Phrases
28 x Vocal Scratches

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free