Studio Cymbal Sessions

645 live-recorded Cymbal Samples & Cymbal One-Shots, featuring a select range of high-quality Crashes, Rides, Hi Hats, China and Splash Cymbals with hits, flourishes and chokes!

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Studio Cymbal Sessions

Studio Cymbal Sessions focuses directly on top quality studio recordings to add clarity to your mixes!

With a vast variety of hits, flourishes and chokes, this pack will ensure that you will never fall short of tops in your sample library. Every sample has been recorded at a 96k sample rate to maintain character and bring the best out of each cymbal.

By using a full span of high end, reputable cymbals with a range of sticks including rods, brushes and mallets, we have really gone all out to ensure that ensure that you can add the finer details to your rhythm section.

The finer details definitely do not go amiss in this comprehensive collection, which is evident by the extensive attention to varied velocity, diverse hits and discrete accents.

PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains Cymbal samples only. All musical backings used in the demo track are taken from the following Origin Sound sample packs - Fundamental Liquid DNB & Fundamental Ambience.


Download contains:

645 x High fidelity cymbal hits (one-shots)

-live recordings
-dry without effects (natural room ambience)

2 x AAX Crashes
1 x Raw Bell Dry Ride
1 x AAX Hi Hat
1 x Oriental Splash
1 x Oriental China

24-Bit WAV Format

A combination of single hits, flourishes and chokes
All hits used with sticks, brushes, mallets & rods

2.178GB (Unzipped)