Supercharged EDM Drops [Songstarters]

8 Supercharged EDM Drops Construction Kits containing WAV & MIDI files for extra flexibility!

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Supercharged EDM Drops [Songstarters]

'Supercharged EDM Drops Songstarters' brings you eight professional songstarters packed full of great features and produced by a professional producer. If you're looking for inspiration for your next huge EDM hit them look no further than this pack. Each Kit includes 24-Bit WAV files as well as MIDI. These loops and samples have been inspired by the top EDM artists and festivals from around the world and have been carefully crafted to inspire your next EDM hit track.

Each Kit features enough material to spawn an entire new track, including MIDI & WAV audio loops plus all of the professional features you'd expect from Mainroom Warehouse. Loops are provided both wet and dry so you're free to add your own flair to help gel these superb EDM samples in to your own mixes. For audio loop users there's filter up and down sections as well as FX tail loops, to allow you to easily use the samples in build ups and breakdowns.

With MIDI files included for main melodic parts you're also free to break out your own synths and use your favourite presets to create your own sound. The advantage of MIDI is that you can use them as is, or as a basis for your own ideas, learn and see how they have been constructed, add your own VST instrument to create a different sound to your taste, modify or transpose to your own taste.

Download contains:

8 x Construction Kits

231 x Files (Including 19 MIDI Files) 


MIDI Files for all Kits

Wet & Dry Loops

BPM & Key Labelled

24 bit WAV

873MB (Unzipped)