Chill Chords & MIDI

Download 47 super chilled out synth chords and lush pads, also featuring their MIDI counterparts!
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Chill Chords & MIDI

Elevate your productions to dizzying heights with our new collection of uplifting ambient chords! Chill Chords & MIDI features a select range of blissful ambient chord progressions and their corresponding MIDI files, especially designed to raise your productions, and minds, up to higher planes of consciousness!

These transcendent sounds will wash over your tunes with deep waves of lush synth harmonies, adding new levels of depth and warmth to your tracks. From Chillwave to Chillstep, Future Bass to Trip Hop, these sounds are Ideal for all manner of chilled out vibes.

Expertly designed by the Prime Loops team, this sound library features ethereal pads, inspirational chord progressions, euphoric synth chords and more, in a range of major and minor keys.

We've also included the corresponding MIDI files for each sample to make this a truly flexible product. So you can edit chords and melodies, play them back at different tempos and change up the instrumentation, allowing you to easily fit these progressions into any project. All sounds have been expertly processed and come in mesmerising 24Bit Audio quality for ultimate depth and clarity.

So download Chill Chords & MIDI now and lift your tracks up into the sonic heavens!

Download contains:

47 x Chord Progression Loops

47 x MIDI Files

100 Bpm

24 Bit Audio Quality

Total Size: 242.9MB