Tech Legacy

Over 250 mind blowing Techno, Trance & Minimal Synth Hooks, Drum Loops, Basslines and Arpeggios, supplemented with over 125 energized One-Shot Drum Samples and SFX
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Tech Legacy

Somewhere in a parallel universe not so far away, where androids dream of electric bleeps and pulses, the future of music technology has been developed by an advanced civilization. Manipulating stacks of vibrational energy sources, these waveform scientists have created a sound so far ahead of its time, it can never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

This sub-heavy box of tools and tricks will have fans of acts such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz locked in the studio for days, before turning every club on the planet into a sauna. Get to grips with hundreds of floor-filling basslines, epic synth hooks, unforgettable arpeggio patterns, hard-hitting drumloops and high-impact one-shots, exploding from the stage in a shower of starlight.

Filtered and engineered for compatibility with Earth-based equipment, each 24-bit file of this huge 350MB payload has been formatted for all major sequencers and samplers, compressed and laser-cut to ultimate precision. You're also protected by a 100% royalty-free license, valid anywhere in the galaxy, so there's no limit to how far your productions can go.

Fusing maximal techno with minimal darkness, hypnotic acid with epic trance, you can fly as far overground or underground as you like, with maximum originality all the way. Your crew are waiting, so start building your very own legacy today!

Download contains:

65 x Arp Loops
60 x Basslines
32 x Synth Loops
36 x Synth Chord Loops
30 x Drum Loops
29 x Top Loops

12 x Snare Hits
10 x Clap Hits
20 x Kick Hits
28 x Hi Hat Hits
10 x Crash Hits
19 x Percussion Hits
13 x Reverse Hits
16 x FX Hits

24 Bit Quality
Total Size: 385MB