The Loudest: Bass

Pumped-up Collection featuring 170MB+ of super-heavy Bass ammunition, including 98 Basslines for 128, 140 & 174 Bpm as well as 100+ powerful Bass Shots to mash up the place!
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The Loudest: Bass

The Loudest: Bass offers a robotic touch to your productions, emitting waves of powerful deep bass tremors pulsating through your mixes. From thrilling one-shot thrusts to super-contemporary submersive loops, these hot new synth bass sounds are supplied in a range of settings designed to add a vast array of new dimensions to your tunes, bringing fresh, unexpected elements into the mix and pushing your productions to the very edge!

Whether you want to tease your Trap productions with a startling surge of layered lazers, inject your Dubstep with a scandalous series of drilling buzzes or create a unique vibe of your own with any of these pumped up bass sensations, The Loudest: Bass is full of fresh new sounds applicable to any genre.

Gyrating into your sample archive via direct download, this synth bass sample pack delivers a sizeable 173MB of files available in various formats to suit your chosen software and the 198 individual files are arranged into 4 folders of varying Bpms and one shots. From the jerky pulse of bass loop ‘Dirty Shuffle’ to the mad, monstrous guzzle of bass loop ‘Angry Cyborg’ and the shrieking rush of bass loop ‘Technodrome’ to the insanely diverse range of squelching, buzzing, humming and bouncing one-shots, The Loudest: Bass drops an incredibly varied assortment of samples in a supremely polished 24-bit High Definition sound clarity!

Each sample is ready to sync autonomously with your DAW. So get ready to boost your productions with the synthetic, silicon touch of The Loudest: Bass! This advanced bass sound library is engineered to push your mixes far beyond the benchmark and it’s all yours completely royalty free.

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This pack contains:

28 x Bpm128 Bass Loops

34 x Bpm140 Bass Loops

33x Bpm174 Bass Loops

103 x Bass One Shots

Download contains:

103 x Bass One-Shots
28 x Bass lines at 128BPM
34 x Bass lines at 140 BPM
33 x Bass lines at 174 BPM

24bit 44.1 kHz