The Loudest: Guitars

347 hot new Guitar Samples! Including aggressive Divebombs, sleazy Grunge Chords, Offbeat Skanks, Power Chords, Riffs, Rock Chops, Single Chord Strumming, Single Notes, Slides, Trills & more.
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The Loudest: Guitars

Don’t touch that dial! It’s time to turn up the adrenaline in your productions by adding an unexpected twist, so get ready to indulge some in some truly wild fretboard adventures ideal for your Dubstep, Trap and EDM productions with The Loudest: Guitars!

Fresh from Prime Loops’ resident production combo Rob Talbott and Calvertron, this excessive set of next level guitar samples is provided by two of the finest producers on the bass music scene! The guitar remains an outsider to the bass music and EDM genres. Maybe it’s the ferocious roar; the analogue setup or the idea of having to actually tune an instrument… but there’s no time to speculate because this rock n’ roll rebel is launching an aggressive attack in order to cement its place in the EDM/bass music soundscape!

Surrender to The Loudest: Guitars and get intimate with your captor! This insane guitar sound pack has plenty to offer your productions, inspiring fresh ideas, unlocking unexpected elements and launching your mixes in unexplored directions, you need to allow the addition of this six-string weapon to push your productions all the way to edge! Spike your Trap productions with a wild selection of sleazy, distorted riffs. Inject your Dubstep with super-technical, high precision finger tapping or underpin your own signature sound with some steady chord progressions and put a unique, organic touch into your tunes!

The Loudest: Guitars will tear up your sample archive with 550MB of hot new guitar sounds. The Loudest: Guitars features 347 individual files supplied in 24-bit clarity for extreme High Definition and the files are arranged into 10 folders of Divebombs, Grunge Chords, Offbeat Skanks, Power Chords, Riffs, Rock Chops, Single Chord Strumming, Single Notes, Slides and Trills.

This immense guitar sound library is available via direct download and it's engineered to sync autonomously with your mix in any major DAW. Just click on your samples in the download folder, drag them over your mix and drop them in. Each sample will adjust itself to match the tempo of your pre-existing mix and you can even adjust the tempo manually by clicking the end of the sample and stretching or squeezing it to match your desired speed.

This volatile guitar sound pack is supplied 100% royalty free, so you can screw up those sample clearance forms and stuff 'em in your ears until you're fully adjusted to the insane (but brilliant) idea of throwing some rock n’ roll attitude into your own favoured genres!

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Download contains:

10 x Divebombs
24 x Grunge Chords
17 x Offbeat Skanks at 140 BPM
10 x Offbeat Skanks at 174 BPM
9 x One-Shot Offbeat Skanks
13 x Power Chords 
6 x Riffs at 100BPM
10x Riffs at 110 BPM
28 x Riffs at 128 BPM
21 x Riffs at 140 BPM
21 x Riffs at 174 BPM
42 x Rock Chops
20 x Single Chord Strumming at 128 BPM
20 x Single Chord Strumming at 140 BPM
10 x Single Chord Strumming at 174 BPM
25 x Single notes 'clean'
26 x Single notes distorted
16 x Slides
18 x Trills

24bit 44.1kHz

Total Size: 525MB Unzipped