The Sound Of Calvertron

Over 400MB+ of Dubstep Bass Loops & Samples, Killer Synths, Drum Loops & SFX to give your tune that crazy Calvertron treatment!
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The Sound Of Calvertron

No one can quite pin down the bass driven deviations of Calvertron, so when Prime Loops joined forces with one of the UK's most groundbreaking producers, the electrifying result was to produce for you our first ever Artist Edition sample pack! Never before has it been so easy to complement your productions with the sounds of your favourite artists’ and producers.

Fidget House, Tech House and Dubstep are a few of the genres in which people have tried to pigeonhole the crazy diverse sound of Calvertron, but the truth is that his sound knows no bounds! The key ingredient here is bass, and lots of it! And as many of you know, heavy bass is our favourite flavour!

With 2 folders of bass we've covered every angle: "Bass Glides" offers an astounding array of the phattest low-end sweeps, while "Bass Stutters" brings you a hefty low down drawl that allows you to embellish your mix with 30 feral stutters of bastardized bass chaos! We've also included over 50 Sub Bass one-shots to play with, pushing the low frequencies even further into the abyss, giving you a murky bottom end to balance out your mix!

Whether you prefer to build your beats from scratch or load your mix with loops, there's an abundance of options available when it comes to giving your tune that crazy Calvertron treatment! We’ve dissected the drums into 3 folders bringing you top Drum Loops, full Drum Loops and drum one shots including kicks, snares & hi-hats! Each element offers a hard hitting hands-on approach to beat building, providing endless potential in constructing your own spasmodic palpitations in true Calvertron style!

It's no secret that synth is another key ingredient to Calvertron's infectious blend of erratic electricity and we've brought you three varied folders of synth arpeggios, chord progressions and squelches, so fresh it'll breath all kinds of life into your sound, allowing it to mutate into a monstrous mix in the very same vein as Calvertron’s volatile offerings. We’ve even thrown in a folder of SFX, allowing you to stick to the same style of scattered sounds stitched through each mix!

Weighing in at 430MB+ this Artist Edition sample pack offers you the opportunity to work alongside one of the most divergent minds shaking up the bass music scene! Available on direct download and 100% royalty free, this is your chance to recreate the sound of Calvertron, whether adding your own elements or simply living up to the legacy of the man himself!

This sample pack will sync with any major software, allowing you to simply drag and drop each sample straight into your mix - you can even stretch and squeeze these samples to your desired speed without affecting any of the crystal clear 24-bit clarity that we provide you with! So what are you waiting for? If you want to be bass music's next big thing, let Calvertron lead the way into this chaotic conglomeration of sounds!


Computer Music

"The Basses are spectacular, the synths are nicely varied and the drums are tough and dark. There’s shedloads of quality ammo here the hard-edge electronic producer."


Download contains:

24 x Bass Glides
30 x Bass Stutters
19 x Drum Loops
12 x Top Loops
15 x Synth Arpeggios
16 x Chord Progressions
14 x Synth Squelches

21 x Snare Hits
14 x Kick Hits
18 x HiHat Hits
57 x Bass Hits
30 x FX Hits

24 Bit Quality
Total Size: 437MB