The Sound Of Doctor P

The OFFICIAL Doctor P Sample Pack! 372MB+ of the most intense synth hooks, abrasive basslines, sublime SFX, relentless drum loops - and an epic collection of Doctor P one-shots!
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The Sound Of Doctor P

Is there a doctor in da house?! Introducing Doctor P, the sonic surgeon known across the globe for dissecting Dubstep and pumping it full of his own unique formula! This skull-cracking instalment in the Prime Loops Artist Series comes to you in collaboration with Circus Records and explores this doctor's mad Frankenstein sound - a freakishly dope fusion of Dubstep, Complextro and Drumstep!

Making a name for himself under several aliases (including Sounds Destructive, Slum Dogz and DJ Picto), Doctor P has emitted several frenzy-inducing frequencies in the form of the bass-heavy, synth screeching releases 'Superbad', 'Sweetshop' and 'Tetris' as well as celebrated productions for some major playas including Example, Plan B and Eva Simons! Also, keep you ears peeled for Doctor P's forthcoming monster track "The Pit" - featuring no one less than Method Man!

Cue THE SOUND OF DOCTOR P! Prime Loops can deliver this baby straight to your machine via direct download where it will weigh in at a healthy 372MB. Prepare yourself to be kept awake by shrieking synth hooks, abrasive basslines, sublime SFX, relentless drum loops and an epic collection of one-shots.

Thick wads of bass insanity are what the doctor has prescribed for you, along with huge, thundering drum sounds to inject some quake into your tracks! Covering tempos in the region of Dubstep and Drumstep (110, 145 and 175BPM), each of these 24-bit samples can be extracted with clinical precision and dropped into any major DAW!

If your tunes are flatlining and you can't find a way to kick them back to life, Doctor P has the antidote - give those frequencies some serious electroshock therapy with THE SOUND OF DOCTOR P and hear your mix turn from a harmless scarecrow into a monster zombie!


HTMEM - Blog

"The production quality is crisp: very well mixed and mastered. If you build your track upon these, you can’t go wrong – you will definitely have a solid foundation for a punchy track. The one shot drums provide plenty of punch, oomph and snap for making your own drum grooves. Basslines and synth hooks sound mighty powerful, raw and growly. They are also key-labeled for convenience. The uplifters, downlifters, beams and impacts in the sfx loops folder sounds heavily “aliens and spaceships” -oriented, but they should work pretty well in the mix."


Download contains:

47 Basslines
20 Full Drum Loops
12 Drum Loops (No Kick)
20 SFX Loops
44 Synth Hooks

23 Clap & Snare Hits
17 Kick Hits
20 HiHat Hits
7 Percussion Hits
7 Cymbal Hits

24 Bit Quality