Thrillogy-1 [Virus TI Presets]

Resonance Sound CFA Sound Thrillology 1 contains 128 Virus TI patches designed for Trance, Tech-Trance and Hardstyle.

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Thrillogy-1 [Virus TI Presets]

Push your Virus TI to the maximum with the Thrillogy-1 soundset.

Through the contained 128 patches you get access to a heavy inspiring and absolutely suitable arsenal of top-notch sounds for trance, tech-trance and all other matching music styles, which need raw and punching basses, wide and powerful leads, robust synths, dreamy plucks followed with wild sequences and unique sound fx. In short – a must have for every trance producer with a Virus TI on the desktop.

Download contains:

128 x Synth presets suitable for trance, house & hardstyle
3 x macro knobs assigned
Sorted into categories
Works on all Virus TI models
Access Music Virus TI OS 4.0 or higher