Touch Loops

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DAW Templates
  • Soulful Piano Loops

    Blue Keys + MIDI

    WAV & MIDI

    Blue Chords is a delicious dive into the world jazz, RnB & Soul showcasing that Soulection sound we all know and love with 46 loops and 44 MIDI files.

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  • Neo-Soul and Hip Hop Samples

    Soul Chords

    WAV & MIDI

    'Soul Chords' by Touch Loops is inspired by the sounds of Neo-Soul, Hip Hop & Jazz with a batch of soulful chords that are the perfect remedy for a lack of inspiration or those songwriters' blocks.

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  • Soulful Samples

    Silk Soul: Emotive Beats


    From the lush Rhodes hooks to the most delicate of dancing synth lines, Silk Soul is the purest form of delicate electronica.

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  • Guitar Samples

    Neo Soul Guitars


    Featuring 150+ chord progressions, soul licks, beautiful lead work and hooks that are perfect for all forms of classic hip-hop, neo soul or RnB.

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