Trap Attack

Over 500MB of grinding trap samples, drum loops, hip hop basslines and synth hooks ranging from 69-78 Bpm, arranged into 6 trap construction kits.
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Trap Attack

Time to unleash your very own "Trap Attack"! Arm yourself with over 500Mb of the hottest super-slow, tricked-out dirty south rhythms, ultra-subterranean bass, operatic trap synth leads and so much more sound material to seriously step up your game. With Prime Loops' latest stash of trap music samples on your side, you won't need Admiral Ackbar to tell you when it's trap time!

These trap beats will run some state-side venom through your productions, throwing up the perfect dark mix for your MC to spit their most heinous lyrics over! Hailing from the deep south, this sub-genre of hip hop and rap has already sunk its teeth into the jugular of world pop culture, with artists such as Bun B, T.I. and Rick Ross setting the dirty bar for audience conquering Trap - and now it's your turn to get a slice of the action!

For "Trap Attack", the PL crew has conjured up a Cadillac's trunk full of exclusively produced loops and construction kits to get your MC's dark energies flowing. A host of gold-plated drum, synth and SFX one-shots have been included for your producing pleasure, as well as 6 Trap song kits including Dirty South bass and hip hop drum loops.

Simply download the audio format that suits your sonic weaponry, load up some of those blingin' 24Bit samples and create some of the most filthy, outright frightening Trap you could ever image. This ain't no hype - it's Trap for real!

Download contains:

144 x Loops

11 x Snare Hits

7 x Kick Hits

12 x Hi Hat Hits

8 x Cymbal Hits

10 x Percussion Hits

20 x SFX Hits

21 x Synth Hits

24 Bit Quality

Total Size: 537MB