Trap Snare Rolls

40 Essential Trap Snare Roll Loops & Samples, ranging from 57 to 75 Bpm - smashing some real prime Trap swing back into your music!

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Trap Snare Rolls

Look out! We're back in the Trap, where the bass kicks chunks out of the wall and the snares roll deep! Wind those bandages tight around your fists because it's time to fight your way to the top of the game. In this battle, you're going to need a whole lot of those bouncing, sequenced snares to finish at the top so we've just shipped in a small nuclear weapon's worth to get your tracks fully tooled up!

Inject your music with some serious snap courtesy of Trap Snare Rolls, featuring 40 loops of solid snare sonics. You'll get all the snaps, traps and braps you'll need to put the finishing touches to your Trap tracks and sink your sound deep into the murky depths of the Trap underground. Bpms range from 57 to 75 so no matter if you want to groove with pace or slow things down to a smouldering stomp, we've got you covered.

Pulling inspiration from the biggest names in the game such as Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Baauer and Hucci, these syncopated grooves are packed with avalanches of energy capable of smashing some real swing back into your music. We've used a host of different classic and modern drum machines to help us programme these rebellious rhythms for you, so there are plenty of genre-defining sounds and raucous patterns to choose from.

Delivered in 24bit and completely royalty free, Trap Snare Loops will be a quality addition to your personal Trap arsenal. Just fuse them together with some drum loops you have laying around and prepare to be bored stiff by your friends all asking you the same question - damn son, where'd ya find these?!

Download contains:

40 x Snare Rolls/ Loops

57-75 Bpm

24bit Sample rate