Trap Squad

470MB of Agressive Trap ammunution! Featuring earth quakin' 808 basslines & drums, dramatic chord stabs and synths, insane SFX, are you ready to take on Trap Squad!?
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Trap Squad

Prime Loops are enlisting for the ultimate sound riot! Do you have what it takes to handle the high calibre audio ammunition stashed inside this Trap Squad? Sonically engineered to calibrate with any rebel sound system, this Trap sound library delivers a dangerous helping of digital disorder!

An aggressive blend of Southern Hip-Hop, Crunk and Dutch House, Trap is a wild child that cannot be contained by the underground! Rising up into the mainstream, there's a massive demand for fresh Trap sounds and Trap Squad has been assembled especially to drop an epic amount of next-level stimulation into the scene!

Standing tall at 470MB, Trap Squad is the ultimate source for earth quakin' 808 basslines, knuckle-crackin' drum machine beats, dramatic chord stabs and acidic synth riffs! Download this pack directly to your machine for 170+ samples divided into 8 folders - from the deep and dissonant 'Delover' drum loop to the space ray synth lead of 'Laaser' and the bruising thump of 'HardBass', every sample has been battered and beaten to produce the roughest sounds on the street.

Add any of these samples straight into your software by dragging them across from your download folder and dropping them straight in for instant syncing! 100% royalty free, all the sounds in Trap Squad are yours to manipulate in any way you see fit!

Whether you're one of the original outlaws, riding those Trap vibes since day one or you're fresh meat on this unruly scene, enrol with Trap Squad and take control of the airwaves with your own take on the anarchic Trap sound!

Download contains:

30 x Basslines
39 x Drum Loops
14 x Chord Progressions
13 x Synth Arpeggios
22 x Synth Leads
25 x SFX Loops

22 x Kick Hits
26 x Snare Hits
18 x Hi Hat Hits
10 x Percussion Hits
20 x SFX Hits

24 Bit Quality
Total Size: 470MB