Tropical Heat

400MB+ of high energy Tropical Bass, Pop and EDM style samples featuring drums, electric guitars, keys, synths, vocals and more.

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Tropical Heat

Visualize yourself in the middle of the jungle, terrified but amazed by the beautiful but strange ways of a local tribe moving around you. The music sweeps up and there is nothing more you can do but dance... World music instruments, a wild collection of percussion, and modern Moombahton influences. However, you want to classify Tropical Heat, It's definitely exciting, great energy and HOT!

Reggaeton meets EDM house, meets, tropical bass, meets Moombahton. A and this means great energy! Thick, spread-out bass lines, dramatic EDM builds and a two-step pulse with quick drum fills that we recognize from the Reggaeton genre. Famous artists in the genre are Dillon Francis & Major Lazer.

Peace is the mission, Music is the weapon!

Download contains:

43 x Bass Samples
40 x Brass & Woodwind Samples
79 x Drum Loops
18 x FX
55 x Keys & Guitars
47 x Percussion Loops
40 x Synth Loops
23 x Vocals

24 Bit 44.1kHz  WAV Format


401MB (Unzipped)