Ultimate Drops & Festival FX Megapack

This Megapack features 10, inspiring Construction Kits with songstarter ideas and FX arrangements to help you create your next banger!
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  • WAV & MIDI

Ultimate Drops & Festival FX Megapack

Do you like the sound of pimping your studio with 521MB of absolutely top notch festival primed impacts, risers, snare builds, fills, falls, songstarter construction kits as well as 12 video tutorials and 4 production tips and tricks? 

Then we have the pack for you. 

We are very proud to present the last production megapack for 2016, Ultimate Drops & Festival FX Megapack from Sample Tools by Cr2. 

This pack contains everything you need to create huge professional builds drops and breakdowns through a collection of the finest, fattest sounds around. 

You can use our banks of risers, falls, snare builds, impacts etc.. to drop into any project or you can jump to our 5 FX construction kits and 5 songstarters. 

The combination of these two construction kits provides you with everything you need to destroy the forthcoming 2017 festivals. 

As you'd expect from us, everything is key/tempo labelled and we have also included the length of the sounds where appropriate so if you are looking for an 8 bar build then you know where to find one. 

Of course we also bundle a video with every music producers best friend Mike Monday in which he introduces his technique for getting ideas out of your head and into your DAW fast. 

So here’s to another year bringing you the best value most usable music production products on the market. 

Get ready to own the festival and the dance floors. We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is Ultimate Drops & Festival FX Megapack. 

Download contains:

5 x Songstarter Construction Kits (99 Audio Files + 21 MIDI Files) 

5 x FX Construction Kits (30 Audio Files) 

229 x Total Audio Files

21 x Total MIDI Files

10 x Crash FX

10 x Reverse Crash FX

10 x Falls

10 x Fills

10 x Impacts

10 x Noise Bursts

10 x Noise Swells

10 x Risers

20 x Snare Builds

44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV and MIDI Formats

499MB (Unzipped)