Ultimate Dubstep Drummer

Over 200+ Authentic Dubstep Drum Loops & Drum Samples, plus 40+ MIDI Files! Including Live Drum Loops, Drum Machine Loops, Drum One-Shots, Processed Beats and more!
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Ultimate Dubstep Drummer

Dance to the beat of your own wicked drum! "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" is Prime Loops' latest heavy-weight treasure trove (some call it booty, no less) of multi-faceted drum ammunition, including piercing claps, mighty snares, powerful percussion hits as well as ultra low kick drums that will give any of your dubstep productions the ultimate punch!

"Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" assembles more than 40 diverse and truly cutting edge, multi-layered 140Bpm dubstep drum patterns and one-shots. Whether you like it more techy, dark and hard like Kode9 and Martyn or want to add a warm, analogue live touch in the vein of producers such as Benga or Nero, these are all the beats you need to turn up the heat!

Featuring hard-kicking drum machine sounds as well as powerful live drum samples, this pack has been thoroughly thought through and thus provides all killer no filler material: From the trademark sound of legendary analog rhythm machines such as Roland TR-808 and 909 to the latest digital beats enhanced by modern compression techniques, and certainly not stopping at the most professional studio recordings of a human drum animal.

All MIDI files are included for maximum flexibility - this pack allows for endless and carefree mixing and mingling of these top-notch patterns and one-shot sounds. All material contained in "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" has been exclusively produced and 24 Bit mastered for your music making adventures and is of course a 100% free of any royalty hassle whatsoever.

There is no authentic dubstep without some expert rhythm programming. Make "Ultimate Dubstep Drummer" your one-stop shop for exciting drum beats that will form the mighty backbone of any step-worthy production that might enter the clubs and/or charts!


Audio News Room

This one is for killer drumbeats within the Dubstep genre. Available in all the common formats, they are divided into 6 folders that make up separate elements of a quality construction kit; 808/909 loops, live drums, Programmed machine, one shots, midi loops, and the loops fully mixed. There are just over 100 loops total, named after areas or streets in London.

Each of the folders compliments each other, so you can build loops quickly and effectively. Each folder has the same street/area in it, including the midi file, and one shots of the drum sounds. This gives you effectively complete control of the loops, and are able to really manipulate them how you want.

They're all locked at 140Bpm, and they sound great! They're pretty solid foundational beats for dubstep. The live drums are recorded and processed really nicely - huge sounding, with just the right amount of reverb. The loops all mix together nicely - not too much EQ'ing required to make really phat sounding rhythm. The overall sound of these loops cover the bases nicely from darker to warmer atmospheres. And of course, once you've created that number one hit - the loops are all 100% royalty free, so no hassles picking up your millions.

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Download contains:

42 x Mixed Drum Loops
43 x Programmed Drum Loops
42 x Live Drum Loops
52 x Drum Machine Drum Loops

42 x MIDI Pattern

12 x Snare Hits
10 x Clap Hits
10 x Kick Hits
10 x Hi Hat Hits

24 Bit Quality
Total Size: 642MB