Ultimate Trap Producer

1GB+ of Trap shockwaves! Featuring crisp & phat 808 one-shots, sub basslines, electric lead synths & chords, drum stems & loops

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Ultimate Trap Producer

Tangled up in Trap music? Don't fight it! Ultimate Trap Producer is the definitive Trap sample pack, constructed by Prime Loops' own audio engineers to take on this mixed-breed mongrel of genres! This sound pack is loaded to the brim with a massive selection of samples designed to send shockwaves across the Trap terrain!

Trap music captures the phattest elements of southern hip-hop, crunk and dutch house and chews them up into an erratic pulp which is then boiled down into a potent concoction of beats, punctured by the sound of crisp, biting hi-hats often courtesy of one classic piece of kit; the Roland 808 drum machine! This club-rousing genre just couldn't contain itself in the underground and has recently fizzed up into the mainstream consciousness, causing quite a stir!

Cranked up to a mighty 1GB! Ultimate Trap Producer allows you to immerse yourself in a cyclonic world of lead synths, synth chords, 808 one-shots, basslines, and drums available both as fully mixed and individual drum loops! From the menacing gait of 'Doom Box' to the rave inciting 'Game Changer' and the sonic sting of 'Ray Gun' you are invited to manipulate these sounds into your mix by downloading directly on to your hard drive!

The next step is simply selecting your sample and dropping it right into your chosen software! Sit back and watch it sync automatically then get it's time to creative! Wanna change that tempo? Each of these 24-bit samples can be extended to create a slower tempo or compressed for a faster BPM! Sick of sample clearance forms? We certainly are, which is why Ultimate Trap Producer is 100% royalty free!

So if you're ready to set your Trap in motion and want to capture a slice of this bold and brazen genre, get to grips with Ultimate Trap Producer and tame this feral beast to work in your favour!



"Oh, wow! If you want to get into Trap then this collection certainly lives up to the world “Ultimate”! Ultimate Trap Producer is the starter, main course and dessert! It has cris’ 808 one-shots, drum one-shots – the SFX are sweet, drum kits, drum loops, floor shaking bass and synth leads. All of which adds up to a nice all round collection for users of non-professional software and creative producers using advanced digital audio workstations. The recordings are meticulous, rich and yet they have enough scope for further audio processing.


Definitely recommended!"


Download contains:

23 x Basslines

29 x Drum Loops

38 x Synth Loops

28 x Drum Kits with individual drum stems

32 x 808 Hits

25 x Kick Hits

41 x Clap & Snare Hits

21 x Hi Hat Hits

16 x Cymbal Hits

15 x Percussion Hits

42 x SFX Hits

24 Bit 

Total Size: 1.1GB