Ultra FX Essentials

This FX pack has got you covered, with uplifters, downlifters, impacts and snare build-ups, giving you everything you need for your next EDM banger!!
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  • WAV & MIDI

Ultra FX Essentials

'Ultra FX Essentials' provides you with amazing sound effects. With this great compilation you'll have the possibility to arrange your tracks using high quality FX sounds such as uplifters, downlifters, impacts and snare build-ups. This pack is all you will ever need for all your FX needs across all genres.

'Ultra FX Essentials' brings you massive hits, unique risers and mind-blowing noises. All samples were designed to help you create massive and crowd-moving build-ups!

Inside this collection you will find the wide spectrum of House, Progressive, EDM, Electro and Trance effects.

Download contains:

145 x Total Files

50 x 4bars Uplifters
25 x 8bars Uplifters
25 x 4bars Impacts
25 x 4bars Downlifters
10 x 8bars Snare Build-Ups
10 x Snare MIDI Loops

C Root

128 BPM

329MB (Unzipped)