Urban Guitar Jamz

10 R&B, Hip Hop and Urban Pop Song Kits with an acoustic edge, featuring over 200 Drum Loops, Basslines, Synth Hooks, Drum One-Shots and many more!
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Urban Guitar Jamz

Drive the coastal highway at sunset with the finest beauty by your side, sweet organic urban sounds drifting out of your car stereo as the waves hit the beach below. You are now tuned-in to "Urban Guitar Jamz", the perfect backing track to a blissed-out love affair.

Let your heart sing as you work on combining and refining these crystal-clear contemporary R&B song kits, complete with all the guitar licks, synth riffs, percussion patterns and bodymoving basslines you need to build a chart-topping instrumental, fully ready for the likes of Rihanna, Trey Songz, Nicole Scherzinger, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars and Nelly.

Delivered in a selection of emotional minor keys, with authentic and professionally played acoustic guitars at the core, you're all set to wine and dine as soon as you get back home. The drums have been polished in our top-level studios until they sparkle like diamonds, and everything is triple-checked for flawless quality so nothing can interrupt your flow.

For unforgettable studio sessions, pro-level 24-bit audio fidelity and the fast lane to Billboard success, trust Prime Loops to deliver the goods. Our 100% royalty-free guarantee means nothing can stand in your way, so open a bottle, sink back into the sofa, and let your creativity flow!


War Beats

Honestly, at this price range Prime Loops blow everyone else out of the water with the sound and attention to detail in loop points and they stand toe to toe with anyone at any price range in the genres they offer. No, your not gonna get a loop set of 500 mbs of Didgeridoo but honestly, who the hell needs that kinda stuff. Prime Loops flat out equals quality, that’s not a question. How the packs rate in the other areas… well, they vary hence the review:

Clean guitars with funky strumming on dance songs, arpeggios for the girls, sexy wah for the ladies and even some really daring effects choices on a couple songs and they pulled it off. Dope, I am stealing a lot of ideas for my guitar gig with the Atomic Beats and Tag Team with this one.

Acoustic guitar? Got that too, Fingerpicked arps, Strummy Acoustic Rock even got a little Nylon String in there for ya… kinda wish there was more that Spanish sound is awesome. I think I gotta find room for a new guitar.

Lots of Distorted guitar with melodies, “Power chords” and sustained roots of chords ya know, the edgy rock sound you hear on a lot of hits today. Very cool.

What about the other sounds? This is a construction kit after all… well cool synths that add to the bass or balance with an arpeggio on guitar when panned, very nice. Piano with some cool effects like filtering and delay, Epic as well as Funky Horn Stabs now, I’m about to get nit picky…

Bass was pretty much all Sine Sub Bass which I know is very popular. Although the layers of synth in unison added texture and bite to the arrangements and although the Strings were nice… no Pizzicato ala Dre. Mike Elizondo is one of the dopest guitarists / bassists ever (co producer and co writer on In Da Club) and I was kinda surprised there was no electric bass or string hits like that but oh well, very diverse collection here and although it’s “Urban” it is leaning toward the Pop end of the spectrum so I can understand.

I have a “thing” about construction kits that don’t provide Drum Hits separately and Prime Loops didn’t disappoint me here, lots of hits sometimes two Kicks or Snares on one song so when you get to the full songs… a lot to learn about arranging, my favorite part of construction kits, learning about arranging a mixing and this is a master class.

These beats are exactly what’s hot right now in guitar land and aside from one song that sounded a little like a Nelly hit I’m sure you know (which I personally love) could all be on the radio right now. This is a blueprint of what’s hot right now and as such leaves a lot of room for the vocalist (something I hate to do… lol) so all the space isn’t taken up in the full beats by synth and piano and crazy drum fills, however if your clever at chopping loops you can do a lot to spice up the melodies and such. Guitar is out of the park catchy wise so if your looking for catchy guitar, this is the one and it flat out grooves.

I was looking for a “how to” on how to arrange and compose my guitar parts and Prime Loops did not disappoint there. This was exactly what I was looking for and aside from maybe copping their nylon string pack Essential Flamenco Guitars I’m probably good on guitar inspiration for awhile. Ideas on what instruments to put with what type of guitar, how to EQ pan, it’s all there. I got a lot to work on for awhile and I feel my production is going to go to a whole new level. Very inspirational, in fact I spent most of the night using these mixing panning and arranging ideas on beats I hadn’t finished... Awesome! I even got ideas on how to play guitar in a couple styles I was unfamiliar with, bonus.

I just love this pack, so much to learn from it and great beats to jam with, and one of the best tutorials I’ve ever purchased on orchestration to put around my guitar. I would say if your wanting ideas on how to compose guitar parts in Urban Styles or just want some loops to put in your productions in this style take full advantage of the Bombs of Knowledge dropped in the Urban Guitar Jamz construction kit.


Variety of the loops: 9

Catchy-ness: 8

Current Up to Date Factor: 10

Inspiration Factor: 10

Overall: 10



Download contains:

10 x Complete Song Kits
159 x Loops


13 x Clap & Snare Hits
12 x Kick Hits
13 x Hi Hat Hits
13 x Cymbal Hits
10 x Percussion Hits

24 Bit Quality