Vintage Movie Vocals

Premium collection of 750+ remarkable movie phrase samples and 80+ sound effects, brought to you by Resonance Sound!
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Vintage Movie Vocals

Aaaaand action! With "Vintage Movie Vocals", Resonance Sound brings you a premium collection of beautiful, remarkable movie phrases and effects. Carefully processed to give you crystal clear and perfect-stereo sound (100% mono compatible), you`ll be amazed when adding these samples on top of your next production. 751 vocal prhases and 82 sound effects can do what`s shown in the demo below - and just so much more! Aaaand cut! Get it!

- 751 vocal phrases
- 82 sound effects
- 24 bit WAV
- EXS24 & Kontakt patches

Download contains:

833 x Total Files


751 x Vocal Phrases

82 x SFX

24 bit WAV Stereo Format

EXS24 & Kontakt patches

Total Size: 515 MB