Vintage Techno House

This Tech House Sample Pack contains everything you need, from Bass and Music loops to Percussion and Vocal loops all with an old-school vinyl warmth.
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Tech House Sample Pack

Vintage Techno House features 567+MB of that special 90's groove, music loops, tops, percs, bass & more. 

RAW LOOPS effortlessly combine old-school vinyl warmth with contemporary tech-house muscle. This pack is all about the GRIT.

Molding the funk-fuelled with that raw 90's drive, this pack nods to the Chicago & Detroit warehouse days, while capturing the true essence of the New York, Spain, & Portugal 90's house and techno sound with heavy bass and a deeper more organic tone.

Beat Loops > 60 warehouse-rocking drum grooves with variant loops offered for programming flexibility.

Beats informed by elements of disco, funk, early breakbeat and more - all combined with the up-to-the-moment production sensibilities of deep and tech beats.

Bass Loops > 16 gritty Live-inspired rolling retro runs with a thick bottom.

Music Loops > 23 vintage synth textures, key hammered workouts - lush music loops to inspire.

Vox Loops > 16 glitched and re-worked vocal toplines with the trademark old school sound.

Percussive Loops > 25 deep tribal-inspired grooves, from machine to live.

Top Loops > 25 stripped-back tops and infectious snare/clap lines. Add a kick and roll.

RAW Beats > 12 stripped beat layers set to create a pushed vibe

FX/Pads/Bacgrounds > 35 incredible fx, everything from bent synths, to vinyl noise, twisted backgrounds, vocal fx and more.

All loops are offered as 24-bit Wavs @ 125 bpm.

Download contains:

212 x Total Files

60 x Beat Loops

16 x Bass Loops 
23 x Music Loops 
16 x Vox Loops 
25 x Percussive Loops 
25 x Top Loops
12 x RAW Beats 
35 x FX/Pads/Backgrounds 

44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV Format


545MB (Unzipped)