Vintage Vinyl - Old School Hip Hop

Origin Sound returns with a colossal addition to our vinyl inspired libraries with ‘Vintage Vinyl’. This is a pack infused with authentic vinyl crackles and noise, perfect for those looking for that vintage aesthetic!

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Old School Hip Hop Samples

The foundation to Vintage Vinyl is its extensive collection of music loops. These range from warming bass lines, intricate yet dusty guitar riffs, chopped stack layers and much more. The folder is also packed to the brim with song starter loops that are a guaranteed way to streamline your productivity and grasp quick inspiration, much how the formative Hip Hop productions were created. Inside the vinyl cuts folder, you can find a variety of ready mixed song starter loops that allow you to quickly grab that desired vintage sound. All the sounds in the pack have been meticulously crafted and mixed, and are ready to be thrown right into your next vintage beat.

Vintage Vinyl is filled to the brim with dusty individual drum hits, boasting a wide range of timbres with the overall glorious character of vinyl. Additionally, for those who are after some quick inspiration when putting together their track, there is a vast selection of crackling drum loops with a variety of creative rhythms provided, along with stem bounces that allow easy interchangeability between the grooves on offer.

As with all of our vintage libraries, we provide an excellent selection of SFX layers, such as dusty crackle loops, for you to add that final layer of authenticity to your beat.

Vintage Vinyl is an essential collection of samples for any die-hard Hip Hop producer out there looking for genuine vinyl character.

Download contains:

97 x Drum Hits
46 x Drum Loops
13 x Bass Loops
21 x Melodic Loops
41 x Vinyl Cuts Song Starters
22 x SFX

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free