WAV Addict - Hip Hop & Trap

This pack is full of trap sensations that leave you craving more, ranging from chunky hard-hitting 808s, drums that will make you drool, head-bobbing music loops, and plenty of extras that will elevate your creations to a new level.

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Hip Hop & Trap Samples

The foundation of Wav Addict is its massive collection of music loops. These melodic and harmonic samples are perfectly prepped and ready to be thrown right into your bag of beats or chopped and diced and cooked up in your own unique method. The folder is full to the brim with booming 808s and basses, textural and dark chord progressions, warped and twisted synths, lush airy flutes full of life, and crackling vinyl cuts that evoke some deep feels. Apart from the individual loops, there are also song-starter loops that show how multiple elements could be combined into a cohesive idea. Another way to add your own touch is to use the bass shots provided in the 808 folder to craft your own original bass line.

Now that you have picked out some music loops, have an explore through the mind-altering drum loops. These samples pack a heavy punch and will propel your productions forwards. Impeccably sculpted and ready for any trap related scenario, these drums are a vital beat making tool. Full of thumping heavy kicks, chunky and beefy snares, hats that slice through the mix, and crashes that cascade over the top end. If you want to craft your own concoction from scratch, head over to the drum shots folder and collect some drum sample ingredients.

Don’t forget about the SFX folder that is filled with extras that will have you hooked. Ranging from classic trap vocal adlibs to reverby impacts, there is lots of product to get your creative cogs turning.

Wav Addict is the perfect pack for any producers looking to scratch their trap itch.

Download contains:

300 x Total Files
175 x Total Loops 
125 x One-Shots

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free