World Percussion Ensemble

Bringing that live played groove to your tracks with World Percussion Samples featuring Congas, Cowbells and Timpalas.

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Percussion Samples

Nik Tourbis is a known Afro-Beat Percussionist and teaches students from all around the world the art and techniques of Latin and Tribal Brazilian Percussion styles.  He is back on his recording duties with producer Basement Freaks to deliver a pack that is truly one of a kind and for any enthusiasts of Tribal, Afrikan, Brazilian, Latin style, and even a hint of middle eastern percussion loops and samples.

World Percussion Ensemble will bring that live played groove to anything you are working on.  Cowbells?  Got you covered.  Congas?  Oh you bet!  Its endless!  Timpalas with and without effects gives you variations you’ve never thought was imaginable from a percussion pack.  Each ‘lick’ and ‘loop’ is processed differently to give you image and depth in your workflow.

This MONSTER pack of percussion elements can be used for any styles, whether you are making your next big festival EDM hit, or scoring a film that cries out for a salsa steppin’ touch.  Inside you will also find Demo and Music loops that have brass music (great for Trap!) and other unique sounds as combo loops.  Full kits to get inspired; just slam one of these bad boys into your DAW of choice and quickly have a song structure ready to push you to your limits!  Grab World Percussion Ensemble today and make the next hit!

Download contains:

67 x Conga Licks
167 x Conga Loops
46 x Cowbells
22 x Demo and Music Loops (Combo Loops)
11 x  Full Kits
36 x  Kit Stems
57 x One-Shots
146 x Timpalas Samples

24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV Format


851MB (Unzipped)

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