Xtreme Guitars

Unleash some metal mayhem into your mix with Xtreme Guitars! Featuring over 190 guitar licks, riffs, heavy grooves, tapping, guitar FX and much more!
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Xtreme Guitars

Wanna rip up the rule book? Shred it to pieces with Xtreme Guitars, the hair-raising metal guitar sample pack fresh from the Prime Loops studio! This sound pack offers a motley selection of excessive guitar samples with some serious bite!

50% rock, 50% roll, this heavy-ass sample pack is all cranked up amps and down-tuned stings; ideal for those looking to inflict some serious anarchy on their tunes. But don't be fooled by the leather clad exterior, Xtreme Guitars will sound right at home in a number of genres, from pop to rock, dubstep, hip hop and many more!

From Prime Loops newest recruit, guitarist Jonas Hörnqvist, and weighing in at a heavy 306MB, Xtreme Guitars has over 190 guitar riffs and licks waiting to be unleashed in a range of bpm from 140 all the way up to 180! Inside you can expect to find an electrifying selection of open and muted riffs, hard shuffles, heavy grooves, trills, tapping, exotic scales and demonic melodies as well as an additional folder of feral effects such as pick scrapes, dive-bombs and heavily modulated, string assaulting sounds!

Unlike a real guitarist, this pack is incredibly easy to work with! Xtreme Guitars arrives (on time) via direct download in stunning 24-bit high definition (without any hint of a hangover). Information on each sample, such as key/notes, tempo and tuning is displayed clearly in the filename and you can simply drag and drop these straight into any major software! If you want, you can even stretch or squeeze any of the samples to the tempo of your choice without corrupting any of the original quality!

So if you're looking to unleash some metal mayhem into the mix, strap on, plug in and crank up the gain with Xtreme Guitars; the fastest, hardest, most punctual guitar sample pack on the planet!

Download contains:

70 Guitar Riff Loops
112 Guitar Rhythm Loops
15 Guitar FX Loops

24 Bit Quality