XXL Dirty South Drums

Over 400 Dirty South inspired Hip Hop Drum Samples/Hits for maximum Impact
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XXL Dirty South Drums

Keepin' it crunk as ever, our hottest new signing Nahuel Lescano delivers a deadly collection of the ultimate Dirty South drumkits, fully tweaked to snap necks from the first bar to the last. When you get your hands on these professional and crisp drums and cymbals, your tracks will be instantly transported to the highest levels of hiphop, elevating your reputation to primetime with the heaviest beats on the block.
A staggering array of kicks, snares, hats and fx are waiting for your individual touch, ready to force your audience to bounce harder than ever. With over 400 one-shot samples arranged into 48 devastating drum kits formatted for your favourite soft samplers such as Battery, EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, SFZ and NN-XT. Here you are free to explore limitless combinations of rhythm and vibe, testing the strength of sound systems from New Orleans to Atlanta.
With over 100 Industry Kicks, Bass Booms & Snares, 100+ crisp, sparkling Open/Closed Hi Hats, Shakers & Cymbals, 30+ punchy claps perfect for different moods and styles and over 150 toms, percussion & effects, XXL Dirty South Drums will keep you busy for hours in the studio, pushing your projects into playlists all over the place. Just drag and drop real quick to get your monitors pumping and your ass jumping. Using a long chain of the dopest professional plugins on the market, each of these sounds has been crafted, compressed and triple checked by experts, guaranteeing you the supreme level of 24-bit quality you need to climb the charts and invade cities street by street. The best thing is there's no need to look out for lawyers, you get a completely royalty free license to use these sounds for life.
If you're ready to expand your horizons beyond the tired old 808 drum machine territory, and you're ready to handle an increase in sexual attraction, you need to get this industry toolkit onto your hard drive as soon as possible. Secure your destiny as a platinum-level performer alongside TI, Ludacris, Mystikal and Lil Jon... all you have to do is grab the future with both hands and lay down some XXL jams today.

Download contains:

63 x Snare Hits
31 x Clap Hits
48 x Kick Hits
51 x Closed Hi Hat Hits
27 x Open Hi Hat Hits
27 x Cymbal Hits
90 x Percussion Hits
21 x Shaker Hits
36 x Tom Hits
10 x Boom Hits
15 x FX Hits
25 x Extra Hits

24 Bit Quality
Total SIze: 40MB