Yokaze Serum Presets

56 Dubstep/Bass Music presets for Serum along with 56 bonus samples to get your ideas flowing right away.

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Bass Heavy Serum Presets

Screaming synths, growling bass, and pounding 808s come through loud and clear in this Serum preset pack by Yokaze. From Professional ghost production to massive collaborations with industry forerunners (Culprate, Woolymamoth, etc), Yokaze has demonstrated his prowess as a producer.
Today, Renraku proudly presents a selection of finely crafted Serum patches, loops, and drums created by Yokaze for your own work.

Download contains:

56 x Serum Presets:
25 x Bass
20 x Synth
6 x Growl
5 x 808


56 x Audio Samples:
10 x Kicks
10 x Snares
36 x Fresh Basses

Serum Presets and WAV Format


181MB (Unzipped)

Please Note: Make sure your version of Serum is up to date for the presets to work correctly.