Zombiestep 2: The Revenge

The Zombies of Dubstep are back for Revenge with 329MB+ of gruesome Dubstep Samples, featuring brutal basslines, searing synth hooks, heart pounding drums, and a selection of zombie-style vocal samples!
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Zombiestep 2: The Revenge

Zombiestep is the bloodcurdling Dubstep sample pack so stinkin' deadly we killed it twice, but only so we could bring it back with a dirtier, smellier and downright deadlier second instalment; our sickliest Dubstep sound pack yet, Zomiestep II!

With it's guts pumped full of toxic bile ready to spill into your productions, we recommend you hold your nose and delve deep inside this nasty Dubstep sample pack. This insanely animated brand of super-mutated Dubstep is the brainchild of Prime Loops' own severely sickly minds. Get your deathly grips on this slimly Dubstep sound library via direct download and you'll find yourself under attack from 320+ MB of brain-imploding bass loops and one shots, hard-biting drum loops and one shots shots, limb-twisting synth loops and one shots and those superbly disturbing zombie vocal samples!

Are you ready to bestow your Zombiestep productions with enough savage energy to burst out of the sonic terrain and reign mayhem all over the scene? It's right here in pristine 24-bit HD clarity with each sample primed to simply drag and drop into your favourite software, laying the foundations for pure audio carnage! This freaky collection of fresh samples will automatically adjust to the tempo of any mix they're added to, or if you want to set the bpm, simply stretch or squeeze the sample in the mix and that sublime sound quality will remain completely uncorrupted. What's more, Zombiestep II is totally royalty free, avoiding any sample clearance stress!

Zombiestep II is waiting to infect your mix and you'd better let it, because the best way to revive a flatlining production is to introduce these magnificently monstrous immortal vibes.

Download contains:

21 x Bass Loops

19 x Synth Loops

20 x Drum Loops

20 x Kick & Snare Loops

21 x Vox Samples

60 x Drum One Shots

40 x Synth & Bass One Shots 


24 Audio Quality

Total Size: 329.3MB