808 vs. Cassette: Lo-Fi Drum Kits

55MB of classic 808 drum hits run through both cassette tape and 4-track circuits for some gritty Lo-Fi goodness!

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Lo-Fi Drum Kits

The newest kit in our Roland TR-808 versus series. We ran the entire sound set of the classic 808 through both 4-track circuitry a little bit hot and then cassette tape.

Two kits in one. Lo-fi, little noisy, little gritty but they smack hard. Enjoy.

Please Note: This pack is drum one-shots only, all other sounds are for demonstration purposes.

Download contains:

160 x Total One-Shots
33 x Hats
30 x Kicks
37 x Percussion
30 x Snares
30 x Toms

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free