Over the years we've made samples for the industries top brands...

Logic Pro: Over the years we have worked closely with our partners at Apple & created huge amounts of custom sound sets that have been included with Apple's 'Logic Pro' software.

M-Audio: We delivered a huge 5GB of drum sounds that were included as part of the package with the Trigger Finger Pro.

Music Tech Magazine: Multiple awards and 10/10 reviews for our products. We have also created dozens of free DVD's delivered with the magazine over the years. Back when discs were a thing!

Native Instruments: Over the years we have created countless Expansion Packs for Maschine and other Native Instruments hardware; such as the Neon Expansion Pack.

Numark: We have a strong partnership with Numark that involved delivering sound libraries that came packaged with a number of their controllers; including the Mixtrack Pro 2 plus a series of free taster packs.

Computer Music: We've supplied dozens of CD's containing over 1000's of free samples that came with various issues of Computer Music magazine.

Reason: We developed and released multiple Reason Refills with Propellerheads over the years.

Reason: We developed and released multiple Reason Refills with Propellerheads over the years.

Intua Beatmaker: We provided a massive amount of original sample content that was delivered as part of the Beatmaker package.

SUBPAC: We delivered optimized sample products to work with the backpack bass unit.

Cakewalk: We provided a free 7GB Mystery Sample Bundle with every order for Cakewalk users.

Akai: We created a large quantity of sample packs that came bundled up with the Akai APC40 mk2.

Sound On Sound: Multiple raving reviews of our sample products throughout the years.

Ableton Live: We've provided numerous free sample packs formatted into Ableton Live format for exclusive use by Ableton producers.

Point Blank Music School: We delivered exclusive free sample content to aid Point Blank Music School in the delivery of their various music courses.

SAE Institute: We delivered exclusive free sample content that were delivered to users when they signed up for a course at the institute.

Trustpilot: We have maintained an excellent rating of 4.4, or above, with Trustpilot via the delivery of award-winning products and excellent customer service.

Beatport: We have received multiple raving reviews for our products throughout the years from Beatport, with several charting packs.

SBTV: A giant partnership between Jamal Edwards OBE and Ben Jay (FRSA), showcasing the best samples from UK Grime producers of the day (before Drill dropped). These products aren't available anymore due to shelf life, however, get in touch for Dexplicit (Wiley, etc) and Ill Blu packs and we'll send them for free if we can.

The artists also held lots of music production workshops around London, in partnership with SBTV, which you can see here and here.

Disciple Records: The notorious 'Total Samples' label that helped define Dubstep, DnB, EDM and more, for a whole generation. Infamous releases from Virtual Riot, Excision and many more artist releases over the years. We have since moved on from 'EDM', although the legend lives on!

GRM Daily: We did lot's of giveaways and campaigns on the UK Drill and Grime channel, to help producers up their production levels around London.

Other notable content partners include: Universal (London), Yamaha, EMI, DMC DJ Comp, Rane, Nike Edition (Shoreditch), Technics, BBC 1Xtra, KISS FM, Island Records, Atlantic and many more!

Content Partners:

Content Partners: