Hit Factory

225+ electrifying Pop-infused synth leads, basslines, drum loops and one-shots, dancing from 125BPM to 145 and perfect for chart-ready tunes to the wild and experimental!
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Hit Factory

Break the mould with the immense Hit Factory, fresh from the Prime Loops audio production line! This ultimate Pop sample pack offers electrifying drum, bass and synth loops taking inspiration from an epic array of genres including Trance, Techno, Dance, Dubstep, Urban and Electro!

Weighing in at over 450MB, Hit Factory is divided into four easy to navigate categories containing 82 synth hooks, 37 drum loops, 80 basslines and 31 drum one-shots (that's 230 loops and samples for you to play with!), all conveniently arranged by key and tempo. Ranging from 125 to 140BPM, this pack has you covered across the tempo terrain of the modern Dance and Pop scene ? however, you can of course stretch any loop to whatever speed you desire! The folders are arranged as follows:

- "Hit Factory Basslines"; drop the bass on your blueprint and navigate the musical map from subterranean to sublime, with pulsating refrains, resonating robo-tones and raw buzzsaw bass.

- "Hit Factory Drum Loops"; from rippling rhythms to bouncing beats, this dose of intricate drum patterning contributes rich kicks, aggressive claps, sharp snares and frisky bleeps to your sonic arsenal.

Hit Factory Synth Hooks"; providing everything from Trance-flavoured euphoria to eccentric synth abstractions, you'll find smooth synth atmospheres, frantic Electro cuts and driving Dance riffs aplenty here!

- "Hit Factory Drum One-Shots"; a fine and polished selection of resonant kicks, sharp claps, cutting hats and plucky percussion will inject your drum programming with factory-sealed shine!

"Hit Factory" is available via direct digital download in 24-bit high definition, pre-formatted for all major music hardware and software and totally free from any royalty or sample clearance hassle. From aspiring artists to pioneering producers, this is the perfect tool to polish up your Pop productions and add some sparkle and shine to your tunes (check our community page for seals of approval from the pros)!


FL Studio Music

When you see something labelled 'Hit Factory', then you will expect for the crème de la crème. Using such name for a product gives some responsabilities and again, Prime Loops is keeping his high standard. If you're a versatile musician looking for fresh inspiration, this pack is for you.


Hit Factory is weighting 444 megabytes, enough to turn you into a maniac producer. We cannot talk about a specific genre here, it would be unfair to say dubstep or dance, trance or RNB, this pack is more: a mix of all genres we hear these days on radio, TV or internet.


Perfectly ballanced and mixed these sounds will add to your tracks that professional touch you needed. Want to step the line? Just chop, pitch, stretch, filter them etc, there is no limit. Your creativity has now new powers.


Overall, I recommend this for all aspiring producers, what I love to 'Hit Maker' is the way it gives you ideas. Starting from a simple synth or bass loops you're able to create great commercial tracks and who knows, maybe future hits. You choose!





Download contains:

80 Basslines
37 Drum Loops
82 Synth Leads

13 Snare & Clap Hits
5 Kick Hits
7 Hi Hat Hits
6 Percussion Hits

24 Bit Quality