Red Crayon Killer Samples 2 (Limited Edition)

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Over 1.1 GB of 70's inspired Original Samples and Construction Kits, painstakingly recorded by award-winning producer !llmind

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70's Inspired Grimy Original Samples Created by !llmind

"Being an 80s baby, I remember growing up seeing movies from the 70s and 80s. A lot of them were Sci-Fi and Horror flicks. Aside from the movies usually being pretty bizarre, I was always attracted to the types of music and textures that were used.

Even today, I'm usually attracted to the 'soundtrack' sections in vinyl shops, interested in finding those textures. From doing that over the course of many years, I've noticed a consistent use in a small handful of vintage keyboards/synths during that era. These synthesizers are some of my favorite, most legendary ever created. I'm talking about the Prophet 8, Arp Odyssey, Emu Proteus 2000 & the ever popular Mini Moog. Utilizing these actual synthesizers, I've created a set of 20 COMPLETELY ORIGINAL compositions, all played and composed by me. I'm so thrilled to present this creative collection to the few hundred of you that will ultimately get your hands on it. I want you to treat these like samples lifted straight from 70s Sci-Fi/Horror Soundtrack records. The only difference is, all of the audio stems are included!" - !llmind

20 Completely original and unique compositions, ready to be looped, chopped & processed to your hearts desire

Audio stems for each sound set are included! (pre-tape & completely dry)

All sounds are original compositions, entirely created by !llmind

Gear used: Prophet 8, Arp Odyssey, Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Emu Proteus 2000, Acoustic Guitar

All audio recorded on 1/4" Reel To Reel Tape LYREC PTR-1 aka the "Frida" for warmth

Instant digital download

Comes in stereo WAV 16/44 formatting

Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)

Master clearance guaranteed

About the producer:
"!llmind is a multi-platinum Grammy Nominated music producer/remixer who's placed records with Kanye West, G.O.O.D. music, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, Ariana Grande & more. His 'Blap-Kit' sound packs & loops have appeared on multiple platforms, including Drake's 'Nothing Was The Same' album, Kanye West 'Cruel Summer', Axe TV/Radio spots & many more.

20 x Completely original and unique compositions

Audio stems for each sound set are included! (pre-tape & completely dry)

WAV 16bit

1.19 GB (Unzipped)

Our loops & samples are in WAV format which works with all major music production software: Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Maschine, Logic, Native Instruments, Pro Tools, Akai, Cubase, GarageBand and many more! 

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This pack is 100% Royalty-Free. This gives you, the customer, the right to use these sounds to make music without paying any royalties or license fees ever!

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