Our Story...

Prime Loops was born in the streets. Born into the culture. One of the very few independent household music companies with Asian & Black management.

Ben grew up during the 90’s golden-era hip hop movement and the illegal, pioneering UK bass warehouse raves of the early 2000’s. Laser beams!

Ben | Our Story

Ben started experimenting with mixing and scratching on an old 'Sanyo' Vinyl player from the 1960's given to him by his grandad, which also doubled as a cassette player. He learned to play beats on the cassette, and then tried to scratch with the Vinyl. As this device was not built for scratching, he secured the wobbly record player with 'Blu-Tac' to replicate real decks.

Ben joined a band and took piano grades in Jazz & Blues, peaking at Grade 5 and doubling as a scratcher and melody-maker for the band, rehearsing at his house and local studio rooms. He also learned drums, guitar, and various percussion & bass on a basic session level.

Still in his teens, looking up to the scene around him and a huge DJ Shadow, Q-Bert & Roni Size fan, he saved up £2 per week for 2 years. He finally bought second-hand 'Technics 1210’s' decks, age 12. A dream come true. A keen advocate, he learned DJ'ing and scratching from his crew, a large group of Graffers, Breakdancers, MCs and DJ's who were inspired by their surroundings, and their favourite US/UK Hip Hop artists of the era.

Ben soon progressed into his early teens to music production. And with the help of friends, he built his own 'makeshift' studio. He welcomed local Hip Hop & Bass Music music artists to record. He soon started his own music events, showcasing the best local artists he could find in small 200 capacity clubs.

He started DJ’ing in cities in North England such as Leeds, York, Bradford. Ben was soon signed to a booking agency age 17, touring Europe with the biggest and his favourite UK Hip Hop artists of the era; festivals and large venues.

Then, to overcome a certain developing street lifestyle, age 19, 2006, Prime Loops was brewing. Ben set up Prime Loops at 20 and moved to London to set up office and studio...

Nowadays, and over the last 13 years, we have expanded our diverse team to include the best music professionals in London. Our current music curators only stock the absolute best sounds from every genre we love.

Have a listen now!

Raw & Soulful

Raw & Soulful...

Founded in 2007, we are a boutique samples store & music studio based in London.

We are known for developing excellent Hip Hop, Soul, Trap, RnB, Lofi and Orchestral sounds. We also stock diverse Instruments, unique African and Asian Sounds...plus many more precious gems!

Carefully Hand-Picked...

We stock around 1000+ carefully selected downloadable products from 15+ outstanding labels. These also include our own labels such as Prime Loops, XXL Audio & others.

We audition and hand-pick the best packs every week. Everything we sell has been thoroughly vetted for quality by our studio.

Carefully Hand Picked
Where Credits Due

Where Credits Due...

You can hear our royalty-free samples used in songs by major artists such as Kendrick, WondaGurl, Skepta, Chris Brown, DaBaby, Marshmello and tons more.

Also, over the years we have developed lots of exclusive content for our friends at Akai, Apple, Korg, M-Audio, Native Instruments, Yamaha, Numark, and many more.

Our samples have also received numerous Excellence Awards & 10/10 Reviews (eg. Music Tech Mag) over the years, for which we are very thankful :)

Our Trust Pilot rating also remains ever-excellent if in doubt!

Proudly Independent...

Our small, independent & culturally diverse team are all total studio geeks at heart. We have a deep passion for new and emerging sub-genres and talent.

We're always striving to create something different and give a unique twist to every release!

Our customers range from Grammy Award-winning music producers through to bedroom beatmakers. We love supporting upcoming independent producers!

Proudly Independent
A Decade Of Excellence

A Decade of Excellence...

Over the last 13 years we've become known for the highest levels of 'per sample' audio processing, clean analog mastering, extreme quality control, and of course, our (pretty damn awesome!) music studio.

We believe in excellence. We hope we can inspire you!

For more detailed info, see our 'Support' section below, or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions for a quick response :)

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