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Music Radar

Get up to the minute news and reviews for all music makers.

Sound On Sound

Music production, music software reviews, recording, record production, in-depth music audio hardware reviews.

Beat Magazine

Music Production and DJing Magazine


Resident Advisor

One of the world's largest independent electronic online music magazines. News, interviews, and reviews.


Music Tech Magazine

MusicTech - Tutorials and reviews for producers, engineers & recording musicians.

Gear Junkies

Information, articles, reviews and more about gear for electronic music production and DJs.


Stay informed about the latest audio software and hardware, VST instruments and effects, sample libraries and more.


Audiotuts+ is a blog for musicians, producers and audio junkies, featuring tutorials on the tools and techniques to record, produce, mix and master tracks.

Create Digital Music

Create Digital Music is an online magazine and community for musicians, sound designers, DJs, and producers using technology.

Music Think Tank

A group blog bringing together key thinkers in the realm of online musicbusiness.

DJ Tech Tools

DJ TechTools is the internet headquarters and largest community for DJs dedicated to pushing the envelope and helping others get better. We make digital DJing powerful, easy and fun.

Music Technology Forums

Glitch-Hop Forum

Dub Step Forum

Trap Music Forum

Gear Slutz

Future Producer Forums


Music Production Education 


SAE Institute was founded by Tom Misner in Sydney, Australia. Offering the first practical audio education in 1976, it now spans over 50 locations around the world offering a wide range of courses & qualifications.

Point Blank London

Point Blank is a music and creative media training school offering courses in Electronic Music Production and Sound Engineering, DJing, Music Business, Singing and Songwriting.


BIMM is a prestigious modern music college specialising in full and part-time music courses taught by top musicians.


Associated Artists & Producers


Swizz Beatz

DJ Frank E

DJ Semtex

DJ Cut Killer

DJ Switch



PrimePluginsPrime Plugins

Prime Plugins is a new Online Store stocking Plugins, Virtual Instruments, Soundbanks, Presets and Music Production Software.

Prime Beats

Prime Beats is a revolutionary new online Beats Agency, providing premium quality urban, dance and pop beats (instrumentals) for MCs and vocalists looking to create chart topping tracks.


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