Stoned Disco Grooves: Warped Drums

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Over 70 warped disco drums, manipulated drum machine loops, dreamy spring reverbs and infectious washes of analog FX!!

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Introducing Stoned Disco Grooves.  A woozy dive into the world of warped disco drums, manipulated drum machine loops, dreamy spring reverbs, and infectious washes of analog FX.  From the tight rim shots to the swung hi-hat patterns, each one of these loops will slide your racks into a world of dreams and late-night woozy aesthetics. 

Broken down into 4 tempos that range from 90-120 Bpm, each loop would fit perfectly into the world of electronica, alt-disco, or classic house.  We're talking 4x4 rhythms, triplet delay processing snare grooves, dusty kick patterns, 80's drum machine conga grooves and some timeless envelope filter goodness.  As with all Touch Loops collections, each of these warped disco grooves are mix-ready, saturated and kissed with that touch of vintage spring reverb that we all know and love! 

So, if you're in the market for some drum loops that stand out from the crowd, then this outrageously stylish collection of royalty-free samples are the one for you! From the surf aesthetics to the 80's drum machine nods, we just know you're going to love it!

76 x Total Files

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free


Our loops & samples are in WAV format which works with all major music production software: Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Maschine, Logic, Native Instruments, Pro Tools, Akai, Cubase, GarageBand and many more! 

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This pack is 100% Royalty-Free. This gives you, the customer, the right to use these sounds to make music without paying any royalties or license fees ever!

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