Toy Drums 2: Vintage Kits

27MB+ of 8-bit, crunchy, lofi drum one-shots in the second round of Toy Drums; ready to drag-and-drop into your favourite sampler!

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Vintage Drum Kits

Back again with that classic video gaming, home keyboard sound! Add the 8-bit, crunchy, lo-fi drums that the 80's gave us and bring your production into another
pixelated dimension. We've taken high-quality samples of 9 vintage machines run through a classic preamp API and a sweet analog Neve tape emulator unit. To preserve their natural sound, we recorded the cleanest units available and didn't add any extra coloring beyond the units stated. Blip it up! 

Machines used:

Casio MT-45

Casio Rapman

Casio MT-205

Casio CT-6000

Yamaha PSS480

Casio PT-50

Casio MT-18

Omnichord OM84

Radioshack Electronic Drums

Please Note: This pack is drum one-shots only, the other sounds in the demo are for demonstration purposes only.

Download contains:

135 x Total Files
18 x Hi-Hat & Cymbal One-Shots
31 x Kick One-Shots
32 x Misc FX One-Shots
21 x Percussion One-Shots
20 x Snare & Clap One-Shots
13 x Tom One-Shots

24 Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free