Anatolian Percussion

450MB+ of live recorded Anatolian Percussion Loops and Samples, featuring 5 different instruments including Bendir, Kudum and Darbouka
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Anatolian Percussion

This is a session recording package of Anatolian Percussion instruments, brought to you by Rast Sound.The pack includes two types of Bendir, two types of Kudum and a Darbouka and is recorded and edited into loops, phrases, one-shots and taster processed samples.

The Bendir is a special rhythm instrument, in which various forms have been used in sacred & tribal ceremonies for long years. Today you may hear it almost in every ethnomusical context. The instrument can be made of natural leather or stretched plastic with a diameter generally of 52 cm, which adds a powerful low end to the sound it produces.

The Kudum is widely used in Mevlevi rituals and sacred drumming sessions along with Ney. The instrument has a copper body with a half spherical shape to it. The surface of the instrument is generally leather but plastic material might be used as well. Two 15 cm diametered instruments are played together like a bongo.
The darbouka (goblet drum) was first seen in Babylonia and Sumeria. It has a goblet shaped body and a membrane surface. The instrument name comes from the darba word which means strike in arabic.

Download contains:

251 x Drum loops,  drum phrases & one-shot hits

432MB (Unzipped)