Art Of War

Inspired by the sounds of old Asian records and shows such as Afro Samurai, this pack 10 full instrumental tracks, perfect to flip and sample in your beats!

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Hip Hop Samples

'Art Of War' includes tracks inspired by the sounds of old Asian records, as well as the TV series Afro Samurai. This makes it perfect sampling material for Hip Hop producers looking for that Asian flair.

As a sample based producer, 2Deep understands the struggles that come with it. With copyright laws getting tighter, you're always wondering if the original creator of the sample will clear your record when you go to seek clearance for it. With a team of professionals, a full blown 10 track album has been put together, packed with complete instrumentals for you to chop and flip to your liking. 

It even includes the full tracklines to each instrumental so you are able to mix everything down the way you wish.

Let the music speak for itself, check out the audio snippet to understand why this is a gold mine for any producer.

Download contains:

10 x Instrumental Construction Kits

73 x Total Files 

Includes stems and mixed tracks for reference

24Bit 44.1kHZ WAV Format

1.33GB (Unzipped)