Sufi Ney

Over 500MB of ethnic Sufi Ney flute samples, featuring longer walks, loops, one shots, phrases as well as processed recordings
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Sufi Ney

Cane instruments are first seen in Mesopotamia within the Sumerian Civilization. This instrument was called ’na’ back then because of the sound it produced. The word ’ney’ is a Persian adaptation of this name. Ney flute is made of knotty reeds obtained from reed beds. Six holes are drilled at the front and one at the back of the reed. The hole at the back is placed in the middle of the reed.

The reed flute is the core instrument in Sufi rituals (Whirling Dervishes) along with Anatolian percussions such as Bendir & Kudum. According to the Sufi, the ney instrument resembles the human experience. The reed with seven holes suffers until a breath passes through and flourishes music again. According to Rumi, if a person lacks this fire (breath), that being might as well be nonexistent. So the Ney is not just a musical instrument but also a tool!

This is a session recording package of Sufi Ney flute samples containing longer walks, loops, one shots, phrases and taster processed samples.

Download contains:

92 x Sufi Ney flute samples

Total Size: 551 MB