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In The Studio with Illmind!


illmind-studio-session Say “Hello” to Illmind, the producer mastermind behind the notoriously awesome Blap Kits Sample Pack Series, which is now available via Prime Loops! Check out Illmind’s Fuse TV Feature below, where the artist himself talks about his killer collab with Kanye West and breaks down GOOD Music’s “The Morning”. Illmind breaks down GOOD Music’s “The Morni...

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Plugin Feature: The Riser by AIR [Free Trial!]


AIR Music Technology The Riser The riser is a brand new synth based instrument, created to ease the design of massive musical transitions that help add drama to your productions. Through intuitive synthesis technology you can quickly create rises, falls, swells, fades, and more in seconds or browse through 300 presets for instant inspiration and start to deconstruct and tweak the sounds from there. TRY FOR FREE / BUY IT NOW ...

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Top 5 Tips On Composition & Production


LectureHall The other day we were invited to give a guest lecture on music production to a group of university students. They were finishing their first year of a Music Technology course, all aged around 19, and we listened to their tracks, discussing what was good about them, and what needed a little more work. All of the tracks were of a pretty high standard, but a few issues cropped up frequently enough th...

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Get the Lowdown on ADSR Envelopes


adsr_envelope01 The ADSR envelope is one of the essential staples of dance music. There’s hardly a piece of equipment that doesn’t use this feature in some way or another, so it’s something you need to be familiar with. But it’s a very versatile tool, and can be used in all sorts of ways to help you create, shape, and mangle your sound palette. However, envelopes can be confusing to begin...

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Top 4 Ideas For Creative Inspiration


lightbulb head Sometimes, you’re just stuck for ideas or inspiration. But don’t worry, as we are on a crusade to help you make the best tune possible! It’s possibly the most frustrating part of music production – having found the time to get into the studio, you’re staring at a blank screen with no vibe, or struggling with a track that just doesn’t quite cut it. But don’t g...

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The World Of Free Plug-Ins


free If you’re into music production, you can’t have failed to notice the incredible proliferation of free plug-ins over the last few years. From the most basic one-function devices to quirky effects and fully-featured synths, the choice can be daunting. What makes it even harder is the variation in quality – while some free plug-ins are almost as good as their paid-for counterparts, oth...

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