Blues Blues: Soulful Sessions + Vocals

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A Kontakt instrument with 3 vocal performers + additional solo instruments. Plus performances, patterns and the grooves of Blues music culture.

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Blues Blues comes with 3 vocal performers, additional solo instruments like Harmonica, Banjo and multiple Guitars. You can find performances, patterns, playable instruments and the grooves of blues music culture.

Banjo, Harmonica, Guitars and Vocal Phrase Play presets are playable as solo instruments to use within your harmonic structure. The library comes with additional 200+ patterns and phrases from vocals to instruments, offering elements from blues music culture.

Blues Blues comes with our new Kontakt engine where you can play solo instruments and switch between them through your keyboard in real-time. Mono-legato and sample start parameters enable increased realism and flow.

1 x Kontakt Instrument (Vocals + Instruments)
170 x Multisamples
88 x Phrases
18 x Long Performances
118 x Patterns

24Bit WAV Format
100% Royalty-Free


Please Note: Kontakt (full ver. 5.8+) required.

Our loops & samples are in WAV format which works with all major music production software: Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Maschine, Logic, Native Instruments, Pro Tools, Akai, Cubase, GarageBand and many more! 

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This pack is 100% Royalty-Free. This gives you, the customer, the right to use these sounds to make music without paying any royalties or license fees ever!

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