Atlas [Kontakt Instrument]

Over many years of recordings and design, this dream is finally coming true. 14 totally different music cultures from 3 continents is available to your workflow with our new release ATLAS.

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ATLAS has solo instruments, patterns and build up kits from 14 different music cultures including Africa to AndalousBalkans to India, the Middle East to Jakarta and more. This massive 1200 sample collection comes with an engine where you can select and combine instruments and patterns from different regions to play. 

Atlas is co-produced with Anello Capuano, his recordings, as well as a unique style of fusing these cultures, helped us create this collection. As you will realise, stems are created for each region with the addition of one or two instruments from other regions to enrich the options.

Think of SyncPlay mode as a background sync’er when you are playing patterns. What happens when you normally play a sample in Kontakt (by keyboard or MIDI)? It starts the corresponding sample at sample start and plays as long as you hold the key. 

Now, in SyncPlay mode, when you play a sample (by keyboard or MIDI) and if there’s another sample already playing, the new sample will start playing at a synced position allowing you to compose while playing and add detailed gestures from patterns. 

Download contains:

1200+ Samples
300+ x Patterns as Stem Kits
30+ x Solo Instruments

Please Note:
Kontakt 5.8.1 (or higher) required.
1.92GB (Unzipped)