Hang Melo

Unique Collection featuring 200 Hang Melo Samples and 65 Hang Melo Loops (Organic & Processed), spread across 435MB of content
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Hang Melo

Hang Melo is an expressive solo hang drum instrument and phrase library for KONTAKT and WAV. Due to its unique timber and sound, making it very suitable for both direct use and further sound design, we have been looking for an opportunity to sample it.

So when it happened we didn’t hesitate. On the deeply sampled, beautiful sounding hang instrument (12 vel layers), we built an interface where you can experiment with amp, filter and pitch envelopes and related velocity correlations so you can create your own natural hang drum or a processed version of it (highly responsive to your own playing).

We added a rich effects section as well, to be used (and automated if you like) without leaving the interface (pls see the interface images). As it is hard to find a real hang, we believe this affordable Kontakt instrument and the related phrase/sound library will be a unique addition to the libraries of producers and composers looking for unique natural sounds as well. Hang Melo also contains quite a number of patterns (loops), organic and processed.

Download contains:

200 x Samples

65 x Loops (Organic & Processed)

Solo Hang Instruments for True & Full Keys (12 Velocity Layers)

4 x Creative Presets

4 x Pattern Player Kontakt Instruments (Kontakt 5.5 full ver.)  

24 Bit WAV Format 

435 MB (Unzipped)