Master Duduk

960MB+ of masterfully played Duduk performances & patterns in WAV and playable Kontakt format.

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Duduk Samples

Recorded with talented Alafsar Rahimov from Azerbaijan, this unique Duduk (Balaban) library offers playable solo articulations, a wealth of rare performances & patterns.

The Duduk Instrument:

"Armenian musicologists cite evidence of the duduk's use as early as 1200 BC, though Western scholars suggest it is 1,500 years old. The sound of the duduk has become known to wider audiences through its use in popular film soundtracks like Avatar, Hotel Rwanda, Pirates of the Caribbean & many more."

Download contains:

300+ x Total Samples:
26 x Long Performances
35 x Natural Loops
27 x Processed Loops
196 x Multi-Samples
26 x Phrases
4 x Solo Styles with Keyswitches

24 Bit WAV and Kontakt Formats
100% Royalty-Free


Please Note: Kontakt Full version (5.8.3 or more) required.